Are You An Ideal Husband or Wife

Husbands cannot be ideal all the time.

Also, there are times when a husband has to put up with his wife, as she might not be the ideal most times.

But there is no doubt that you find yourself feeling sad because your spouse is hurting or smiling when your spouse is happy… it is an indicator of true love!



“Ruminating and second guessing yourself are characterised by wishing you or a situation were different or beating yourself up for all the woulda-coulda-shoulda’s that exist in decision making.” —Melody Wilding

Stop second guessing yourself and go for what you want with your life.

Don’t let others tell you that you cannot achieve your goals.

Don’t give up… don’t quit…keep trying.

If down the road you find that this might not be the track for you, change tracks and start exploring new avenues. But never quit just because others think so.



Leena S

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